Centralized dashboard

The main head in a multisite project, also called Super Admin, can set up or delete sites, enrol users, research through all sites, edit the theme or plugins, etc.

Super fast update

The main head can perform updates for all sub sites with a single click. Callbacks to latecomers are done and gone!

Simplified collaborative management

It facilitates the integration of multiple agents without hard follow-up or broken communication because everything is listed in the change history, in one simple place.

Optimized SEO

It even increases indexation by search engines in the long term, since each site is linked to another and gets easier to find!

Money and energy savings

Web hosting of a multisite network is easier and generally more economical, because it is provided by a single supplier and negotiated in a single contract.

Example of multisite users:

  • Network of schools within a school board
  • Faculties and departments of an university
  • Franchise chain in which each owner wishes to communicate further information to clientele
  • Federation of associations or centers association (for sports, community, health care, etc.)