• Pierre-Luc Lamothe

    Creative Director

    A brilliant creative director, specialized in branding for start-ups and in the renewal of traditional designs, Pierre-Luc Lamothe manages and enhances all design and branding projects realized by Collectiv. Curious and much self-taught, he is also involved in the development of websites and public relations. After seven years as an individual entrepreneur, Pierre-Luc became a partner of Collectiv with the goal of spreading his passion for practical and ingenious design. He loves the period of research and inspiration on a company as much as the final choice of a design after several tests! His effectiveness and his flexibility in implementation is greatly appreciated by Collectiv clients, for whom he is often the first familiar contact. Great cyclist and outdoorsman, he values fun, perseverance and challenges both in his spare time and his daily job!

  • Working at Collectiv :

    it has advantages!

    Flexible working hours with 35 hours/week
    Quiet working spaces
    Digital environment, without paper (as much as possible)
    Training on the various tools and methods used by the company
    Ergonomic furnishings
    Apple environment for 99% (and IKEA furniture at 80%)
    Free web hosting for personal projects

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  • François can migrate your web hosting to a higher performing server.
  • Marie Pier can custom build your newsletter template.
  • Pierre-Luc can help you develop the concept of your next advertisement.
  • Keven can create an plugin to automate your processes.