What is it?

An electronic form is this set of fields often seen in the contact page of a business. Mostly, an electronic form guides the customer through all steps to request a rental, an evaluation, an appointment, a quotation, a loan...

Even use electronic forms for a survey, a questionnaire, a billing page or a newsletter subscription!

You attract a new clientele, which does not enquire by phone or in person, but online!

Your email address is less easily retrievable by bots. It stays out of spam mailing lists.

By making certain fields compulsory, you receive all necessary information in a single email.

Because of the clearness of forms, the replies you get are more precise, direct and relevant.

You do not have to classify all the replies in different inbox folders - they are already archived in your website.

Requests directed to a specific department or branch can be conveyed directly there, without additional management from your part.

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What to expect from an electronic form?

  • Very quickly, you will see lengthy phone calls and repetitive email reminders decrease.
  • Then, you will alleviate your email inbox.
  • Finally, you will hear from more potential clients, receive more confirmations of attendance to your events, get more bill payments in time...