Selling more without messing up what already works

Opening hours are now 24 hours long, without an increase in work shifts. Sales are growing although space floor (and therefore the rent) does not.

A "magnetic-automatic" customer service

A search engine guides users to products best indicated and promotions are automatically highlighted. Online shopping eases the work of sale representatives, since all known information is displayed on each product page.

Help the client when needed

Consulting sales, warranty and return policies is easier than ever. A live chat, because it is more user-friendly than phone, can save several sales otherwise missed.

Is a proprietary e-commerce superior to popular sales platforms?

Collectiv can advise you on the best way to promote e-sales, according to your business field and the level of your sales! By choosing the right names for your products, a company can even attain the referencing of a whole SEO strategy.

À la carte

  • Live chat with a sale representative

  • Online booking

  • Video tutorials

  • Lookbook

  • Online instruction manuals

Additional information

Customers reviews provide valuable information about your products, your reliability and your customer service. A company can incite customers to express themselves on social medias or in the reviews section, by offering discount codes, free shipping...

E-commerce by Collectiv

Before you start

  • Do you aim mostly to win new customers or to facilitate the buying process of existing customers?
  • Will you often release new products? If so, to which frequency and how will you publicize it?
  • Who are your competitors online?
  • Will you sell locally or internationally?