Collectiv specializes in brilliant branding, excellent advertising and outstanding websites.

Our services

  • Design and brand management

    Birds of a feather flock together : welcome the premium customers and partners that step in when your branding truly matches your business.

  • Content creation

    Collectiv quickens, improves and increases the production of content intended for web and print. Forget about delayed website updates and missed opportunities for promotion!

  • Website

    WordPress - the most popular and customizable content management system of all, with simplicity and approachability. That's why we love working with it, sometimes enhancing it with fine plugins for e-commerce.

  • Web hosting

    It is well-known in the business world that non competitive advantages should be delegated. And yet, in no way should be compromised a ready, reliable, secure and convenient web hosting!

  • Advertising

    None leave toy catalogues around kids just before Christmas. The same way, we think you have precise goals to achieve, a budget to stick to and specific customers to reach.

  • Social medias

    By our tools and accompaniment, we commit to inspire you to seed the conversation on social medias, even through meetings, sales and daily challenges!

Our achievements

Our team

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    Pierre-Luc Lamothe

    Creative Director

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Our best practices

  • Collaborative software

    Customers can judge mockups, point corrections and specify requests in real time to the development team.

  • Project management tools

    As soon as an employee completes its part of a project, another steps in with the help of automated reminders and full monitoring.

  • Secure information

    Complexity of passwords is automatically reviewed, disks hard are encrypted and SSL protocol is rightly integrated.

  • Online demos

    Integrated models of websites are shared to clients with a secure access, to allow a period of a better familiarization and testing.

  • Creation and management of newsletters

    Newsletters templates are custom built and complete statistics on performance and opening rates are displayed in a single click.

  • Professional proof-reading

    Beyond conjugation and spelling, we track and wipe mistranslations, ambiguities and lengthy parts.